The Last Exit



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Home to chess players, go players, guitar players, two-bit hustlers, and coffeehouse intellectuals.

The Last Exit was a popular destination for Seattle’s amateur and professional Go and chess players.

The Exit was also famous for its apple pie with hot cinnamon sauce, a la mode. Originally, the coffee was strictly drip, but the Exit was among the pioneers of espresso in Seattle. It’s espresso menu included a wonderfully indulgent concoction called a Caffé Medici. The ingredients included chocolate, whipped cream, and fresh orange peel.

Out of some combination of compliance with a poorly drafted law and a twisted sense of humor, Irv (the owner) would periodically designate a table or two as a non-smoking area. They were usually in the middle of the room, about as effective as a quiet section in a bowling alley.

Gone but not forgotten!

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