Gorilla Gardens



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The Birthplace of Grunge!

Located at the western edge of Seattle’s Chinatown-International District at 410 Fifth Avenue South, Gorilla Gardens uniquely featured two different rooms for bands to play in: Gorilla Gardens and the Omni Room. The venue’s official name was Rock Theater, but it quickly became known as Gorilla Gardens by its regular clientele.

Green River, often called the first true “Grunge” band, got their start there, along with mainstays like Sonic Youth, the Butthole Surfers, Soundgarden, Hüsker Dü, and the Violent Femmes. Sadly, the club never capitalized off of the sound it pioneered. When fire marshals shut down a Circle Jerks show in 1985, it started a riot, and the doors never opened again.

Thanks for the Music and Memories!

410 Fifth Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
Closed in 1985

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