5 Point Cafe

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5 Point Cafe t-shirts

A True Belltown Gem

While aging barflies and young hipsters down cold beer and stiff cocktails, this venerable, Seattle institution serves up outstanding American diner eats 24/7 in an atmosphere that’s Old Northwest meets Rock & Roll. The staff is cuddlier than a bag of broken glass, and be advised: the 5 Point Cafe is not for the politically correct or faint of heart. Don’t miss the charmingly wacky urinal periscope trained on the nearby Space Needle.

415 Cedar St.
Seattle, CA 98121
(206) 441-4777

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Never closed.

Breakfast served 24 hours a day
Full bar, micros on tap, cigarette machine, and ATM.

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5 Point Café t-shirts are made in the U.S.A. with ultra soft 100% cotton. Our water-based inks leave a soft-hand feel on these t-shirts. Don’t forget to check out this landmark diner the next time you’re in Seattle!