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Bauhaus Books & Coffee t-shirts

Coffee Character

Considering this original Seattle coffeehouse first opened its doors in 1993, when the city was just making it on the national radar as the source of grunge and coffee connoisseurs, it’s remarkable that Bauhaus hasn’t sold out any of its unique appeal or compromised on its exceptional brew. There’s something warm and toasty about a cup of coffee surrounded by walls lined with beautiful books, and nothing says comforting like an old-fashioned individual-sized box of cereal or a warm doughnut. People-watching opportunities abound inside and out, and for once in Seattle, the baristas will make you feel welcome.

301 E. Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 625-1600

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Open daily until 1am.
Open at 6am on weekdays and at 8am on Sat. and Sun.

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Bauhaus Books & Coffee t-shirts are made in the U.S.A. with ultra soft 100% cotton. Our water-based inks leave a soft-hand feel on these charcoal gray t-shirts. Don’t forget to check out this landmark Seattle coffee shop the next time you’re on Capitol Hill!